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Pot O Gold Ranch

A Phenomenal Christian Children’s Camp

Summer has just begun, and maybe you want to give your children and extraordinary outdoor and spiritual experience. Pot O’ Gold Ranch is a non-profit organization that coordinates multiple spiritually geared summer programs. Utilizing one of the most precious gifts, nature, the activities are all based around one core mission. That mission is to provide a summer camp, and other outdoor programs to share the passion to inspire, educate, and reach out to young people with the love of Jesus.

Pot O’ Gold Ranch is located in Comfort, Texas and has successfully motivated and influenced many young people and families since 1966. With their mission to spark young minds of today into the gospel of Jesus, along with the adventures you expect to encounter at a summer camp, Pot O’ Gold is truly ideal for teens, children, and families from all walks of life.

Come and Enjoy What the Ranch Offers!

Between July 14th through the 18th, Pot O Gold Ranch provides a summer camp experience that welcomes kids ages 6 to 12. The almost week long journey is filled with an abundance of educational activities as well as preaching that is designed to meet the children’s age group. Rebecca Bonam, daughter of the founder, Dr. Claud J. Bonam SR., guides the program with a strong knowledge and love for children’s evangelism.

Ms. Bonam constructs a fun filled week that offers plenty of kid friendly outdoor activities, such as, hayrides, campfires, horse rides, and many other nature driven experiences. The scenery at the ranch is a huge perk all on its own, but Dr. Claud J. Bonam Jr. and all other Pot O Gold Ranch members have always maintained the same goal. The purpose in which it was created is the most important aspect of why it was established. To assist in cultivating and showing your children the beauty of accepting Jesus Christ into your heart. Undertaking the choice to hopefully enlighten children to the gift of God’s love for eternity.

A Brief Historical Tidbit

Since the 1880’s summer camps, or what have also been known as overnight camps, have been facilitating boys and girls of all ages. At that time the idea came ahead due to severe health issues. These camps were created to allow nature to do the healing. Within just a few short years the idea took off in full swing. Many organizations were being created and gave more opportunities to communities to spawn educational and spiritual summer camps.

Register Your Children Today!

Pot O’ Gold Ranch was one of the summer camp programs that found this idea to be a brilliant way to share their message, utilize nature, and build camaraderie between one another. With the various programs and an array of activities, your children will experience days that will leave a lifelong effect.

While you are registering your children for a summer camp, you can also take a look at the other programs Pot O’ Gold offers.

Contact a staff member via email, or call 830-995-2305.

Do not hesitate, you will be astounded at the stories your children will come home with. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience at Pot O’ Gold Ranch.